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Media & Design

Audio-Visual Designs: Graphic design, 3D modeling & CAD/CAM, custom vinyl/paper/etc creations, color grading and general videography, sound design and post-production.

Prototypes and Bespoke Tools

Push your awesome idea into reality. What you need doesn't exist on the shelf? Let's talk custom electronic widgets to control X with Y, oddly-specific software utilities for your next live show, and more.

Aerial Photo/Videography

FAA Certified Remote Pilot for drone videography, photography and freestyle action footage. Aerial inspections, photogrammetry mapping/modeling, custom multirotor builds and repairs.

Entertainment Production

Lighting, sound, and video designer. Interactive props and animatronics.

Workshops & Training

Design workshops and equipment training tailored to your situation.

Other Services

Interactive installations. Live event production design and crewing. Equipment specification and general consulting services.


Grey Burkart is a creative technologist with a wide portfolio of services that can catapult your business, non-profit, and artistic projects to the next level.
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  • Creative Technology


    From here to there…

  • Early Days


    Offering training on entertainment production and how to run professional audio, lighting and video equipment

  • Creating for Creators


    Built up a production studio for audiovisual design, post-processing plus custom electronics & props

  • Making for Makers

    CAD/CAM for Prototyping

    Added 3D printing and other rapid protoyping options to service portfolio

  • Aerial Videography

    & More!

    Certified Remote Pilot now offering aerial videography, photography, and other services in compliance with FAA regulations and requirements

  • What's your
    next awesome

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Tell me more about your awesome idea! Send me an email at gmburkart [at] gmail [dot] com.