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Media & Design

Audio-Visual Designs: Graphic design & layout, 3D modeling & CAD/CAM, videography including drone aerials, sound design, post-production and more.


Push your awesome idea into reality. Off-the-shelf solutions won't meet your specific needs? Let's talk.


Audio, visual, interactive installations.

Live Events

Live event production design and crewing.

Workshops & Training

Design workshops and equipment training tailored to your situation.

Other Services

FAA Certified Remote Pilot for drone videography, photography, and other services. Equipment specification and general consulting services.


Grey Burkart is a creative technologist with a wide portfolio of services that can catapult your business, non-profit, and artistic projects to the next level.
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  • Creative Technology


    From here to there…

  • Early Days


    Offering training on entertainment production and how to run professional audio, lighting and video equipment

  • Creating for Creators


    Built up a production studio for audiovisual design, post-processing plus custom electronics & props

  • Making for Makers

    CAD/CAM for Prototyping

    Added 3D printing and other rapid protoyping options to service portfolio

  • Aerial Videography

    & More!

    Certified Remote Pilot now offering aerial videography, photography, and other services in compliance with FAA regulations and requirements

  • What's your
    next awesome

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Tell me more about your amazing idea! Send me an email at gmburkart [at] gmail [dot] com and find me on Twitter at @GreyBurkart.